May 28, 2021

Young Blood Plasma Extending Rats Max Lifespan | Professor Rodolfo Goya’s Experiment Update

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Things to note: Treating the rats until they die. They are at 31 months and the longest they have lived without treatments is 38 months. Also, a small number of people have done this and though ailments like arthritis go away they still look elderly.

We recently had an update from Professor Rodolfo Goya who is conducting a follow up experiment from the one that Dr. Katcher first did in India, showing a rejuvenation in old rats. This video goes through the update that we had and provides a short introduction to the background.

Nicolas Chernavsky recently also did an interview with Didier Coeurnelle which discussed the update, which you can find here :

Our earlier videos on the previous experiment and interview with Dr. Katcher are in this playlist

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