May 16, 2021

Why Dr. Brad Stanfield Needed to Apologize

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Criticism of a recent video denouncing resveratrol.

Following Doctor Brad Stanfield’s latest ‘why I stopped video’, this last one about resveratrol and pterostilbene, many of you asked for my opinion, well here it is. 10% Discount Code: MYNMN (
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So, I am not a Medical Doctor (MD) Like Dr. Brad Stanfield nor a PhD in the longevity field, I am not going to pick apart the medical content of the Dr. Brad Stanfield resveratrol video, I am just going to give you my opinion as a lay person. When I first saw the thumbnail, I was, like you I am sure was intrigued, this is the job of the thumbnail, many YouTube Gurus advice is to use your face and if possible, a shocked look, some can do this, I just can’t, Dr. Brad Stanfield can. After watching the video, I wasn’t overly concerned, the latest study was 8 months ago, if David Sinclair (or his family members) had said he was going to stop or reduce his intake of Resveratrol after taking it for more 10 years, then I definitely would have paid more attention to the Brad Stanfield video. Dr. Brad Stanfield gives a good Intro setting the scene, and he talks about a timeline, which is also something that I will use as a metric to possibly question the timing, the need and the agenda, hidden or otherwise for the third Dr. Brad Stanfield Resveratrol video. I am not sure why he has to apologise, he like most YouTubers in the longevity space just report on the facts, they don’t advise or make recommendations. On first sight this CRISP Resveratrol Report does seem damming, but the statement that Brad Stanfield makes that Resveratrol stresses the cell is in line with what David Sinclair says, he calls it hormesis, molecular stress and not mental stress is good.
In his Intro Dr. Brad Stanfield talked about using a timeline, this trial was conducted in 2013 (8 years ago), if you didn’t pause the video and check the date you may be thinking this took place after the CRISPR resveratrol trial (the 2020 knockout blow that Brad Stanfield has already described). An MD getting caught up in opinion and hype that clouded his judgement, but the human medical studies that Dr. Brad Stanfield supported in his February 2020 resveratrol video weren’t opinion and hype they were human clinal studies posted on (as Brad Stanfield says ‘what the good human clinical trials show’), if you use the same logic maybe the latest CRISPR resveratrol study is now just opinion and hype? I am not comfortable with people giving these kinds of apologies, especially when those people hold positions of authority and trust. I have read the comments and lots of people think this latest Dr. Brad Stanfield Resveratrol video has improved their opinion of him. Patreons’ generally pay for extra content, so Dr. Brad Stanfield Patreon offers extra advice to those who can afford it Dr. Brad Stanfield Patreon benefits are because all this content is behind a ‘pay wall.’ But you can see here that a $9 a month Dr. Brad Stanfield Patreon gets to ‘discuss the most cutting-edge research and help each other to achieve our goals.’ So, although all of the science was out there – good and bad, if he was mirroring his YouTube channel behind the Dr. Brad Stanfield Patreon Pay Wall, he was taking money for badly researched content. Maybe a refund for the Dr. Brad Stanfield Patreon $9 is in order? Brad Stanfield’s latest video from 09 May 2021 (the one that prompted this review) has no new information here at all, and if it did, why wasn’t this Knock-Out Blow video posted eight months ago following the CRISPR Resveratrol report, why did he wait until now? Dr. Brad Stanfield’s Resveratrol videos 1 to 7 (he has made 10 Resveratrol videos in total) are still up, if he thinks that Resveratrol is not effective, he should do the right thing and take them down, or will the loss in Ad revenue be too hard to take? Apologies and Words are fine, but if you fall short of the mark (which Dr. Brad Stanfield admits up until now he has), actions speak louder than words, remember the first reason to apologize is that the person ‘truly believe that they have done wrong/made a genuine mistake and will do everything in their power to it right.’ I think Dr. Brad’s Content in this video, as always was great, just passing on the information, but I just found the un-chronological timeline a little misleading and the sudden change in protocol, when there has been no new evidence for 8 months a little baffling.
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