May 14, 2021

What’s the Farthest Anyone Has Ever Run Without Stopping?

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You know you’re a little different when the family tags along for your run in an RV fully equipped for a multi-day road trip.

Have you tried pulling an all-nighter recently? It hurts. A once-common event in college – thanks to studying or partying or midnight hikes that turned into sunrise missions – becomes increasingly debilitating the older you get. It’s like your first run after some time off: You might feel okay doing it, but you’ll pay the next day.

Unless you’re the genetically blessed aberration that is Dean Karnazes, 53, one of the most well known runners of our time.

In 1992, after taking a 15-year break from running, it wasn’t enough for Karnazes’ first run to be 30 miles. Winning the infamous, 135-mile Badwater Ultramarathon across Death Valley in 120-degree heat didn’t cut it. Nor did pushing the opposite end of spectrum of human suffering by running a marathon to the South Pole, at-13-degrees F.

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