May 12, 2021

Samsung’s new PixCell LED headlamp uses ISOCELL-like pixel isolation tech

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Samsung has detailed its next-gen LED module for intelligent headlights, PixCell LED, in a fresh official introduction video. In Samsung’s own words, PixCell LED is the perfect solution for energy efficient lamps fit for the sleek and stylish vehicles of the future. It’s an Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) solution that leverages Samsung’s advanced semiconductor technology to improve upon the ADB concept in several ways. More so, PixCell LED is a product that strengthens the Korean tech giant’s ambitions of becoming a bigger component of the automotive market and its supply chain.

It sounds a lot like PixCell LED uses technologies similar to ISOCELL, or at least it relies on principles that have been used by Samsung’s mobile camera division for many years. The new LED headlamp uses what Samsung calls Silicon Wall technology to create a solid wall structure between pixels. Isolating each pixel allows for more refined light control, which is what ADB is mostly about.

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