May 30, 2021

How Nvidia plans to own the data center with AI

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Nvidia Corp. wants to transform enterprise computing completely by making data centers run 10 times faster at one-10th the cost.

Nvidia Chief Executive Jensen Huang (pictured) is crafting a strategy to re-architect today’s on-premises data centers, public clouds and edge computing installations with a vision that leverages the company’s strong position in artificial intelligence architectures. The keys to this end-to-end strategy include a clarity of vision, massive chip design skills, new Arm-based architectures that integrate memory, processors, I/O and networking, and a compelling software consumption model.

Even if Nvidia is unsuccessful at acquiring Arm Ltd., we believe it will still be able to execute on this strategy by actively participating in the Arm ecosystem. However, if its attempt to acquire Arm is successful, we believe it will transform Nvidia from the world’s most valuable chip company into the world’s most valuable supplier of integrated computing architectures.

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