May 27, 2021

Greg Fahy, Intervene Immune | Thymus Rejuvenation Progress Update

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More on thymus regeneration. Unless I understood wrong one patient’s epigenetic clock went from his mid 50’s to early 40’s.

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Greg Fahy, Intervene Immune.
Thymus Rejuvenation Progress Update.

- Designed and led the TRIIM trial; Published the first report of thymus regeneration in a normal human; Granted patents on methods for and applications of human thymus regeneration.
- Fellow of the American Aging Association.
(since 2005), Former Director of the American Aging Association (16 years)
- Editor-in-Chief, The Future of Aging: Pathways to Human Life Extension.
- Awarded the Society for Cryobiology’s Luyet Medal in 2016.
- In 2009, showed indefinite survival of rabbit kidney transplanted after cooling to-130°Celsius; Led 21CM team as co-winner of Small Mammal Brain Preservation Prize, 2018 winner of Large Mammal Brain Preservation Prize.

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