May 21, 2021

Fighting Aging With Gene Therapies | Liz Parrish Interview Series Episode 2

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Most important part comes at 1:49 where Liza talks about gene therapies for people to stop people from aging, reaching homeostasis, or even exceeding it a little bit.

In this video Liz introduces BioViva Science and how the company works with its partners in delivering gene therapies.

Liz Parrish is the Founder and CEO of BioViva Sciences USA Inc. BioViva is committed to extending healthy lifespans using gene therapy. Liz is known as “the woman who wants to genetically engineer you,” she is a humanitarian, entrepreneur, author and innovator and a leading voice for genetic cures. As a strong proponent of progress and education for the advancement of gene therapy, she serves as a motivational speaker to the public at large for BioViva and the life sciences. She is actively involved in international educational media outreach and is a founding member of the International Longevity Alliance (ILA). She is the founder of the BioTrove Podcasts, found at iTunes, which is committed to offering a meaningful way for people to learn about current technologies. She is also a founding member of the American Longevity Alliance (ALA) a 501©(3) nonprofit trade association that brings together individuals, companies, and organizations who work in advancing the emerging field of cellular & regenerative medicine with the aim to get governments to consider aging a disease.

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