Apr 26, 2021

Space Renaissance and Spirituality — April 25th 2021

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Watch the Webinar “Space Renaissance and Spirituality”, held yesterday April 25th 2021.

The webinar “The Space Renaissance and Spirituality” discusses another, often neglected, primary need of humans: spirituality. Spirituality animated human deep feeelings and culture since the very ancient times of our history on our mother planet, Earth. Spirituality is a feeling that characterizes us, as human beings, and cannot be felt by other sentient but not self-aware and less intelligent species. Spirituality suggests reverence for life and great appreciation for the highest expression of nature: the intelligent life.
The Webinar Series are done in the frame of 2021 Space Renaissance Congress “The Civilian Space Development”.
The panel includes:
- Adriano V. Autino (SRI President and Co-Founder, author of “A greater world is possible!”, trying to develop further the Astronautic Humanism philosophy) 07:41
- Giulio Prisco (blogger and founder of the Turing Church, Hungary) 34:18
- Paul Ziolo (Director of Psychohistory Department, University of Liverpool, UK) 51:37
- Tsvi Bisk (Strategic Futurist, author of Cosmodeism: A Worldview for the Space Age, founder of The Center for Strategic Futurist Thinking, Israel) 01:10:30
- The Cometan (Brandon R. Taylorian, founder of the Astronism channel, UK) 01:27:32
- Steven Wolfe (Founder of Beyond Earth Institute, author of “The Obligation ”, evolutionist philosopher, USA) 01:47:26
- Alberto Cavallo (SRI Co-Founder, Buddhist, Engineer, Scholar of Philosophy, Italy) 02:01:05
Moderates: Giulio Prisco.

Some introductory questions to the panelists:
- Spirituality, and religion, animated human efforts during the whole human history.
- Religions were often used as a sectarian flag, to motivate wars, conquers and ethnic cleansing anti-human acampaigns.
- However, at the dawn of expansion into outer space, humans feel the need to cultivate spirituality — both as individuals and communities — facing the magnificent mistery of the Universe.
- In the same time, a mature open spirituality could be a wonderful synergystic alliedm with science and philosophy, helping to motivate the profund evolutionary impulse to expand Earthly bioma into the Solar System and beyond.
- The original meaning of the term Religion, from Latin language, is religere=joining efforts, and can be related to both theist and secular communities.
- Should space advocacies include spirituality in their public outreach and discussion?
- If yes, how to avoid this message to be confused with irrational, new ageist and fake metaphysics, so common in the web age?
- Which are the common shared deep humanist concepts and ideals, among some currents, such as Astronautic Humanism, Astronism, Cosmodeism, and some theist and non theist Religions?
- The aim of this discussion shouldn’t be a game among different spiritual currents, but a first effort to share and put together some agreed concepts and believes, for the sake of the space renaissance, a true and urgent well motivated strategy of space settlement.

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