Apr 13, 2021

QUICKEST TRACTOR IN THE WORLD — 1/4 Mile 11.92 @ 108mph

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Danny Key in his Wheel Horse Garden Tractor lined up against Freddie Ringlet (I think) in his Roper Garden Tractor, for what may be the first ever heads up tractor race!! Danny’s tractor is fitted with a Honda cbr1000 engine, out of a 1990’s bike. It has straight through pipes, and bell mouths on the carbs. The timing has also been advanced to enable it to run on VP race fuel. Danny said ‘it is a little down on compression, and he is just waiting on it going bang, before he can start on a rebuild’. The other tractor, I have no info on as yet. (any info appreciated)

Danny won both races with an 12.53 @ 107mph v 14.8 @ 90mph. and an 11.92 @ 108mph v 14.34 @ 92mph.

He has run down into the low 11’s before @ 114mph, but with cold track conditions and being down on power, this was not a bad run. Hope to see him out again next year, running on Renegade Race Fuel and sponsored by Jeff Ludgate.

Note: I have removed the earlier video, as I found this quicker run that I filmed.

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