Apr 1, 2021

New Cheap Electric Cars Show How Automakers Are Conning The U.S. Market, Inflating Prices

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European automaker Renault debuted its new cheap electric cars, the Kwid series, in India for a little over $6000 USD. The incredibly low price has left many consumers wondering why certain counties have access to cheap EV cars, while buyers in Europe and the United States are expected to pay more than quadruple that price for similar vehicles. It turns out there is a conspiracy and Europeans and North Americans who want electric cars are getting gouged by automakers, and it all has to do with gaining access to new markets.

The Kwid specifications are nearly identical to a Dacia, also a Renault brand. The difference: a European Dacia is double the price of an Indian Kwid. Meanwhile, the U.S. market misses entirely on either of these vehicles. The only electric cars available in America are dominated by premium brands and high price tags, making them unaffordable for most.

Cheap electric cars are available. The question is, why are Americans and Europeans being ripped off by electric vehicle manufacturers?

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