Apr 25, 2021

Mainstream DDR5 Memory Modules Pictured & Headed For Mass Production, Will Be Available For Next-Generation AMD and Intel Platforms Later This Year

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DDR5 memory production is finally picking up speed as several manufacturers have finalized their mainstream designs for the next-generation standard. The DDR5 memory standard will be utilized by upcoming Intel (Alder Lake) & AMD (Raphael) platforms which are expected to launch later this year.

Jiahe Jinwei has announced that it has received the first batch of DDR5 memory modules from its assembly line based in the Shenzhen Pingshan factory. The memory modules are now being mass-produced and are expected to launch later this year with the next-generation platforms from Intel and AMD. Intel is said to take a lead in offering the next-gen memory support first on its next-gen Alder Lake platform comprising of the Z690 chipset-based motherboards as reported here.

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