Apr 29, 2021

Jennifer Huse — Innovative Scientific Solutions For Revitalizing Camden, NJ, USA — Mayoral Candidate

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Innovative, Scientific, And Empathic Solutions For Revitalizing Camden, NJ, USA — Jennifer A. Huse, Mayoral Candidate, 2021

Jennifer Huse is a candidate for Mayor of Camden, New Jersey, USA, running in the upcoming 2021 election, as an independent.

Information on Jennifer’s campaign can be found at —

Jennifer has a background and education in Cell and Molecular Biology, Exercise Science, Social Media Management, Communications, Marketing and Business Management, and her diverse background, gives a unique perspective when it comes to her ideas for the future improvement of the city.

A key pillar of Jennifer’s platform is in testing and advancing novel solutions for improving current social systems and introducing new technologies via a model called The Center for Scientific Solutions.

The Center for Scientific Solutions will create an evolving social blueprint upon which feasible and beneficial scientific solutions to the issues the city faces will be tested and worked on, while at the same time developing technologies that can expand outwardly around the globe and generate value.

Her administration will work hand in hand together with the Center for Scientific Solutions to bring the highest quality of life to all residents of Camden, NJ, and to serve as an example of innovation and progress throughout the Nation and the World.

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