Apr 17, 2021

Dr. Patrick Bangert, Vice President of AI, Samsung SDS — Developing Next Gen AI To Serve Humanity

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Developing Next Generation Artificial Intelligence To Serve Humanity — Dr. Patrick Bangert, Vice President of AI, Samsung SDS.

Dr. Patrick D. Bangert, is Vice President of AI, and heads the AI Engineering and AI Sciences teams, at Samsung SDS is a subsidiary of the Samsung Group, which provides information technology (IT) services, and are active in research and development of emerging IT technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, Internet of things (IoT) and Engineering Outsourcing.

Dr. Bangert is responsible for the Brightics AI Accelerator, a distributed ML training and automated ML product, and for X.insights, a data center intelligence platform.

Among his other responsibilities, Dr. Bangert acts as a visionary for the future of AI at Samsung.

Before joining Samsung, Dr. Bangert spent 15 years as CEO at Algorithmica Technologies, a machine learning software company serving the chemicals and oil and gas industries. Prior to that, he was assistant professor of applied mathematics at Jacobs University in Germany, as well as a researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Dr. Bangert obtained his machine learning PhD in mathematics and his Masters in theoretical physics from University College London.

A German native, Dr. Bangert grew up in Malaysia and the Philippines, and later lived in the UK, Austria, Nepal and USA. He has done business in many countries and believes that AI must serve humanity beyond mere automation of routine tasks.

Dr. Bangert is also an accomplished author, having written two books including — Machine Learning and Data Science in the Oil and Gas Industry: Best Practices, Tools, and Case Studies and Optimization for Industrial Problems.

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