Apr 4, 2021

Dr. María Blasco refers to Telomerase and Life Extension (in English with S/T en Español)

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Extract from a conversation that María Blasco, Director of the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO for its acronym in Spanish) had with Mario Alonso Puig during the celebration of the South Summit 2020.

In this segment María Blasco refers to aging, cancer, telomerase, and life extension. The conversation is in English and I added subtitles in Spanish.

I find the message particularly important because Dr. María Blasco refers again (she already did it in a scientific paper) to the fact that, contrary to what she herself would have expected and was a concern within the scientific community, inducing the production of Telomerase in mice, besides from lengthening significantly their healthspan and lifespan, not only it did not cause Cancer but quite the opposite, reduced or even eliminated the occurrence of it.

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