Apr 16, 2021

Baubot comes out with two new robots to aid in construction projects

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Despite artificial intelligence and robotics adapting to many other areas of life and the work force, construction has long remained dominated by humans in neon caps and vests. Now, the robotics company Baubot has developed a Printstones robot, which they hope to supplement human construction workers onsite.

Baubot manufacturers built this with the capacity to transport heavy loads, lay bricks and even sand sheetrock. So far, the Austria-based company has come out with two robots – a smaller prototype with a 40-inch arm and a larger robot with an 82-inch arm.

Users can switch out the type of digits at the end of each arm depending on what type of task they need the bot to perform. For example, an arm tip has the ability to cut, drill, sand and also use a suction feature to elevate heavy rocks into the proper location. Both types of robot can transport over one ton of material.

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