Apr 23, 2021

A Project Supported by Bill Gates Is Set to Temporarily Dim the Sun

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OEC promoting STEM education in Africa.

Remember the project where Bill Gates wanted to cover the sun to cool the Earth? Well, this summer, the tests will begin. According to The Times, a large balloon will soon be launched in Sweden that will spew out of calcium carbonate, which is essentially “chalk dust.”

The Controlled Stratospheric Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx) wants to prove that the release of this dust into the stratosphere could eventually divert some of the sun’s energy and lower the temperatures of our planet.

Historical fact

The balloon will be launched near the Arctic city of Kiruna, and it would be the first serious attempt to test whether global warming can be kept under control by dimming the sunlight.


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  1. Rocky Guilani says:

    Shading the planet ‚using Reflective Mylar would have been a more Robust task ! After implimentation on orbit and measuring it’s effect , we could have simply move it to the orbit of Venus to cool off the clouds and cause planetary percepitation ! 2 Different Goals met in this century at once !

  2. Rocky Guilani says:

    I discovered how to make More electricity out of wind mills but for some reason , my work is Garbage canned ! It’s using the fact that oil is lighter than water to create electricity . No one ever give me a chance ( financial help ) to Test it ( put a prototype together ) .