Mar 9, 2021

Neural network CLIP mirrors human brain neurons in image recognition

Posted by in categories: biological, Elon Musk, robotics/AI

Open AI, the research company founded by Elon Musk, has just discovered that their artificial neural network CLIP shows behavior strikingly similar to a human brain. This find has scientists hopeful for the future of AI networks’ ability to identify images in a symbolic, conceptual and literal capacity.

While the human processes by correlating a series of abstract concepts to an overarching theme, the first biological neuron recorded to operate in a similar fashion was the “Halle Berry” neuron. This neuron proved capable of recognizing photographs and sketches of the actress and connecting those images with the name “Halle Berry.”

Now, OpenAI’s multimodal vision system continues to outperform existing systems, namely with traits such as the “Spider-Man” neuron, an artificial neuron which can identify not only the image of the text “spider” but also the comic book character in both illustrated and live action form. This ability to recognize a single concept represented in various contexts demonstrates CLIP’s abstraction capabilities. Similar to a human brain, the capacity for abstraction allows a vision system to tie a series of images and text to a central theme.

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