Mar 2, 2021

Hélène Huby, VP, Orion-ESM, Airbus Defence and Space — Innovating And Investing In The New Space Age

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Innovating And Investing In The New Space Age — Space 2.0 — Hélène Huby, VP, Orion-ESM, Airbus Defence and Space.

Hélène Huby is Vice-President of the Orion European Service Module (Orion-ESM), at Airbus Defence & Space.

Airbus Defence & Space is a division of the Airbus Group, a European multinational aerospace corporation and the world’s largest airliner manufacturer.

The Orion-ESM is the European Space Agency’s contribution to NASA’s Orion spacecraft, which will send astronauts back to the Moon, and beyond. It provides electricity, water, oxygen and nitrogen, as well as keeping the spacecraft at the right temperature and on course.

Hélène was previously Head of Innovation at Airbus Defence & Space where she grew a portfolio of over 50 new businesses, ranging from space data-based services to electrical-powered stratospheric drones, and was responsible for setting up Airbus Ventures, and an innovation center in Silicon Valley, for the Airbus Group.

Privately Hélène invests in a variety of tech startups, serves as Senior Adviser of Red River West VC, and is on the boards of multiple startups in the US, China and the EU.

Hélène also co-founded the Microbiome Foundation, is an Anchor Partner at Yunus Social Business, is the Founder & Chairman Urania Ventures, and is the Co-Founder & Chairman of the non-profit Karman organization.

Prior to Airbus, Hélène worked for FABERNOVEL, a European digital seed-investment and innovation consulting company. She began her career in the media sector where she launched innovative projects on the web.

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