Feb 16, 2021

Steam Vs Infrared Portable Sauna. TESTED

Posted by in categories: climatology, habitats, health, neuroscience

We all know the benefits of saunas on our mental and physical health, indeed, I recently did a video on just that, but what about the home saunas that are available so you can get the benefits as often as you desire, without having to leave the comfort of your own home, especially relevant in the current climate and recurring lockdowns… Well I have been testing both steam and infrared varieties extensively over the last year and have put together a quick guide on the pros and cons on both types. So if you have been thinking about investing yourself, or indeed you want to know which type is best for you, why not check out this video for further information. Have an awesome day…

Having already looked at the benefits of saunas, just how do home portable saunas stack up. Are they worth the expens…

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