Feb 16, 2021

Dr Patrizia Paterlini-Bréchot, Founder, Rarecells — Non-Invasive, Early Detection Of Invasive Cancer

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Non-invasive, early detection of invasive cancers — dr. patrizia paterlini-brechot, founder, rarecells diagnostics, ISET technology.

Dr. Patrizia Paterlini-Bréchot is a tenured Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology and Oncology at Paris Descartes University and head of a research team at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM).

Dr. Paterlini-Bréchot studied medicine at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, where she specialized in hematology and oncology. In 1988 she turned her focus on research in cell and molecular biology and published over 80 research articles and reviews in national and international scientific journals.

The work of Dr. Paterlini-Bréchot led to the discovery of the ISET test (Isolation by SizE of Tumor cells) permitting the isolation and characterization of circulating tumor cells (CTCs), a type of cell that has shed into the vasculature from a primary tumor, is carried around the body in the blood circulation, and can extravasate and become seeds for the subsequent growth of additional tumors (metastases) in distant organs, a mechanism that is responsible for the vast majority of cancer-related deaths.

The ISET test also has interesting applications for the isolation of fetal cells in a mother’s body for potential use in prenatal diagnoses.

The ISET discovery has led Dr. Paterlini-Bréchot to found her own company named Rarecells Diagnostics to further develop and commercialize the ISET technique.

Dr Paterlini-Bréchot has received numerous awards and honors including Best thesis in Medicine (1978), the Best research in Hematology (1979), Assistance Publique / Hôpitaux de Paris (19952002), Technological development (2007), and European Inventor Award Finalist (2019). She is listed as an inventor on numerous patents.

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