Feb 13, 2021

David Sinclair and Bracken Darrell take the stage on aging and life extension (Feb 2021)

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Excellent hand and hand conversation between David Sinclair and Bracken Darrell. David is an expert in longevity and life extension, and Bracken is an experienced successful businessman, CEO of multinational Logitech.

The encounter took place on February 92021, during an online scientific symposium organized by the American Federation of Aging Research (AFAR).

The Symposium was launched under the following theme: “The Future is Now: Innovations in AI and Big Data for Healthspan and Longevity and it was a tribute to global geroscience visionary Sami Sagol.

If you’re familiar with the longevity field very likely you know who David Sinclair is, but for those who haven’t heard of Bracken Darrell before, he is an experienced and successful businessman, CEO of the Multinational Logitech.

Well known longevity leader Nir Barzilai acted as presenter and moderator of the conversation.

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