Feb 10, 2021

China Swears It Isn’t Building a Time Machine

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From the annals of “nothing to see here,” China’s largest state physics lab is insisting it’s not helping a private company build a time machine. The strange happenings are straight out of the scientist version of TMZ, with a leaked PowerPoint presentation and gossip swirling.

So: Is the Chinese government collaborating with a startup in order to travel through time?


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  1. David Gap says:

    Chinese Time Machine Rumors Sparked By China Watching Marshall Barnes’ Research and Developments

    As headlines spread across the web, about a project by China to build a time machine, followed by denials from the Chinese later, one question left was the reason behind it all and what the truth is. Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng knows.
    By: Fame.Plan

    BEIJING — March 25, 2021 — PRLog — After weeks circulating around the internet with claims and denials, one thing is emerging now — there is probably something to that leaked report about China wanting to build a time machine. Recently, internationally noted and followed, advanced concept R&D engineer Marshall Barnes found out by viewing an online report from Weird Theory and, after brief review, it seems linked to Chinese awareness of Marshall’s breakthrough progress on time travel, along with other American researchers.

    (to read the rest if this release see…ments.html )