Jan 4, 2021

Scientists Can Save Schrödinger’s Cat By Predicting Quantum Jumps

Posted by in categories: particle physics, quantum physics

Just say no to cat murder.

One of the first times quantum mechanics entered popular culture, “Schrödinger’s Cat” remains a puzzling thought experiment in which a poor cat’s fate remains unknown inside a box. But scientists now say that the paradox at the heart of the puzzle could be determined ahead of time, or even reversed.

First, a recap of Schrodinger’s Cat. Created by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935, it looks at a theory of quantum mechanics known as the Copenhagen interpretation. According to the Copenhagen interpretation, a quantum system will exist in superposition up until the moment it interacts with the real observable world in any way. When discussing quantum theory, the Institute of Physics says that a superposition is the idea that a particle can be in two places at once.

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