Jan 28, 2021

Reverse Aging Over 54% Study | Horvath Clock

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Gearing up for the interview with Harold Katcher!

Epigenetic age reversed by 54%. Scientific trial by Horvath Clock.

In this video we will discuss a paper entitled “Reversing age: dual species measurement of epigenetic age with a single clock”.
The paper can be found here

The paper is a preprint available on bioXriv on a study showing the reversal of age in rats through exchange of blood plasma. Blood plasma of older rats was exchanged for that of younger rats which lead to the older rats having a reduced epigenetic age and many improved biomarkers, including reduced inflammation.

The age of the rats’ tissue was assessed by Dr Steve Horvath using 6 separate clocks which covered individual tissue as well as a pan tissue clocks.

We will be releasing an interview with one of the authors of the paper soon, Dr. Harold Katcher and we wanted to provide a review of the paper first.
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