Jan 22, 2021

Quantifying Biological Age With 24 Blood Tests Since 2009

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The maximal reduction for biological age when using the biological age calculator, Phenotypic Age, is ~20 years. In other words, if I’m 80 years old and my biomarkers are all reflective of youth, the lowest possible biological age will be ~60 years old. One reason for that is the inclusion of chronological age in the prediction of biological age, which adds strength to the correlation while simultaneously limiting the maximal biological age reduction.

To account for the possibility that youthful biomarkers at an older chronological age can yield a biological age that is more than 20 years younger, it’s important to quantify biological age using a tool that doesn’t include chronological age in its calculation. fits that criterion, and in the video I present biological age data with use of for 24 blood tests since 2009.

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