Jan 29, 2021

Longevity Medicine: Scientists Develop Framework to Apply AI in Extending Lifespan

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For centuries, scientists have tried to work on formulas to extend human life. While scientific and medical advancements have pushed the average human life expectancy to 71 years worldwide, researchers are still trying to find out if it can be extended further. Now, a group of scientists is leaning on artificial intelligence (AI) to combine conventional medicine to treat diseases and prevent them to extend longevity.

Conventional medicine has been the go-to tool for scientists to treat diseases and effectively extend life expectancy. But it has limitations too. While it can treat diseases, it’s not very effective in detecting early signs of an ailment that can reduce life expectancy. But combining AI, fundamental research and medicine could bring about a change in the research of extending human life. Dubbed as Longevity medicine, the scientists — Alex Zhavoronkov, Evelyne Yehudit Bischof and Kai-Fu Lee — proposed a framework. Their article was published in the journal Nature Aging.

Dr Zhavoronkov is a computer scientist with a doctorate in biophysics. Bischof is a practicing doctor who is researching on aging and gerooncology at the University Hospital Basel in Switzerland. Lee is known for his expertise in AI.

Scientists have proposed an artificial intelligence-based framework that can analyze millions of parameters and help fight aging.

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