Jan 23, 2021

Fossil-hunters find giant predatory worm’s lair

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I say squish immediately!!

Scientists think they have discovered the undersea lair of a giant predatory worm that lived on the ocean floor some 20 million years ago and would pounce on unsuspecting marine creatures.

Paleontologists from National Taiwan University believe the 6.5-foot-long burrow was once home to a worm-like predator that would surface from the seabed to ambush sea creatures and drag them, alive, into its lair.

Experts working in northeastern Taiwan reconstructed large, L-shaped burrows dating back to up to 23 million years ago from layers of seafloor using trace fossils — geological features, like track marks, burrows and plant root cavities found preserved in rocks, which experts use to draw conclusions on the behavior of ancient creatures.

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