Dec 17, 2020

This Tiny Electric Skateboard Offers ‘Unlimited’ Range – If You Pack A Bunch Of Batteries With You

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Walnut Tech AKA Walnutt, the electric skateboard maker with a thing for tiny skateboards, has just announced the pre-sale of its third-generation Spectra X electric skateboard and it is, well, tiny. Despite the diminutive size, Spectra X promised to deliver “a perfect balance of portability and range.” It has almost “unlimited range” – thanks to the swappable batteries.

In theory, as long you load up with battery packs, you can go on indefinitely. We said in theory because, at $99 a pop, buying a bunch of the battery could make you broke. Also, I am pretty sure the dual hub motor will be crying for a break. Anyways, the battery, which is a Samsung 18650 battery, is seamlessly integrated to the underside of the board without marring the aesthetic.

Swapping out battery literally takes a second and with one hand. I find it odd that Walnutt felt the need to emphasize the one-hand part. Anywho… I guess it is cool to know that you can swap battery like a boss. Maybe? Still on the battery… each pack offers between 8 and 10 kilometers (5−6 miles) range and also, Walnutt said the battery is air-friendly, though it did not detail how so. One thing for sure is, Spectra X electric skateboard is more sustainable compared to its cohort since the skateboard need not to be disposed when the battery’s lifespan ends.

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