Dec 19, 2020

This New AI-Driven Quiz Predicts Your Psychological Age

Posted by in categories: life extension, neuroscience, robotics/AI

A questionnaire developed by XPRIZE and Deep Longevity claims to be able to accurately predict your psychological age by using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze your answers, which theoretically should fall close to your chronological age. The questionnaire is developed from a study published in Aging that used AI in an attempt to identify key hallmarks of psychological aging and the top risk factors that affect mortality.

While the questionnaire seems like a fun insight into whether you’re an old soul or a young gun at heart, there is an important scientific basis for an age-predicting AI. The newly developed technology represents the first AI aimed solely at using psychological aspects to predict age. The researchers hope it can contribute to understanding the role psychological clocks play in overall aging, as well as improving mental health and the feeling of youth.

“For the first time, AI can predict human psychological and subjective age and help identify the possible interventions that can be applied in order to help people feel and behave younger,” said Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, founder and CLO of Deep Longevity and co-author of the study, in a statement.

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