Dec 28, 2020

The Timescape of Homo Sapiens: Insights on Our Time as a Species

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You are an apogee of Earthly Nature encompassing numerous generations of humans as well as preceded non-human terrestrial life, sitting atop the tree of life… and so is everyone else who lives today. We all can be regarded as archetypes for future generations as well, or perhaps a “developing pattern,” if you intend to live indefinitely long. At any rate, genetically and anthropologically speaking, we all are one humongous extended family. #Timescape #HomoSapiens #ExponentialPedigree

This demographic research provides a host of quantifiable properties of the human species as a whole for further visualizing the data via certain graphs and diagrams. 5 trillion subjective years would constitute the ‘Timescape’ of Homo sapiens up to the p.

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