Dec 21, 2020

Reversing aging through cellular reprogramming!?

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Nice lecture with both technical info and analogy.

Latest study from David Sinclair’s lab have used cellular reprogramming to restore vision in aged mice & more! Suggests reversing aging *may* be possible.

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Intro — 00:00
Aging is loss of information — 00:45
Correction device & epigenetics — 02:49
Yamanaka factors & OSKM — 04:45
Study results from Sinclair lab — 07:25
Aging reversed? — 10:29
Working model — 12:00
Cellular reprogramming in humans? — 12:36.

Lu, Y., Brommer, B., Tian, X. et al. Reprogramming to recover youthful epigenetic information and restore vision. Nature 588, 124–129 (2020).
In Vivo Amelioration… —
Yamanaka —
News & Views article —

Icons in intro; ““Background vector created by freepik —

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