Dec 16, 2020

Pharmaceutical bottle packaging

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This article shares the results from an evaluation of a novel thermal imaging technology that took place before the initial implementation in a Pfizer manufacturing facility. The manuscript describes the technology and reviews the extensive process used to challenge its inspection capabilities through field testing. Finally, the potential benefits of adopting this first-in-class pharmaceutical technology as a new standard for non-destructive testing1, 2 of bottle induction sealing integrity in the pharmaceutical industry is summarised.

HIGH-RESOLUTION, cryogenically cooled thermal imaging technology was initially developed for military purposes. Furthering the commercialisation of the technology for civil applications, a pharmaceutical assembly – for high-speed and 100 percent inline verification of induction integrity in bottle packaging – was first developed and made available for testing relatively recently.3 This article summarises outcomes from initial plant feasibility work and extended rigorous proof-of-concept trials. The evaluation process resulted in the first Pfizer network implementation of the technology for the routine inspection of heat induction foil sealing integrity in a high‑speed bottle packaging line at a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

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