Nov 15, 2020

New method ensures complex programs are bug-free without testing

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A team of researchers have devised a way to verify that a class of complex programs is bug-free without the need for traditional software testing. Called Armada, the system makes use of a technique called formal verification to prove whether a piece of software will output what it’s supposed to. It targets software that runs using concurrent execution, a widespread method for boosting performance, which has long been a particularly challenging feature to apply this technique to.

The between the University of Michigan, Microsoft Research, and Carnegie Mellon was recognized at ACM’s Programming Language Design and Implementation (PDLI 2020) with a Distinguished Paper Award.

Concurrent programs are known for their complexity, but have been a vital tool for increasing performance after the raw speed of processors began to plateau. Through a variety of different methods, the technique boils down to running multiple instructions in a simultaneously. A common example of this is making use of multiple cores of a CPU at once.

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