Nov 7, 2020

Facebook’s New AI System Can Pass Multiple-Choice Intelligence Tests

Posted by in category: robotics/AI

Recently, a team of researchers from Facebook AI and Tel Aviv University proposed an AI system that solves the multiple-choice intelligence test, Raven’s Progressive Matrices. The proposed AI system is a neural network model that combines multiple advances in generative models, including employing multiple pathways through the same network.

Raven’s Progressive Matrices, also known as Raven’s Matrices, are multiple-choice intelligence tests. The test is used to measure abstract reasoning and is regarded as a non-verbal estimate of fluid intelligence.

In this test, a person tries to finish the missing location in a 3X3 grid of abstract images. According to the researchers, there have been various similar researches, where the main focus entirely on choosing the right answer out of the various choices. However, in this research, the researchers focussed on generating a correct answer given the grid, without seeing the choices.

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