Oct 3, 2020

Three Decades Ago, America Lost Its Religion. Why?

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Humanism (Transhumanism and Posthumanism) look likely to win. “… in the early 1990s, the historical tether between American identity and faith snapped. Religious non-affiliation in the U.S. started to rise—and rise, and rise. By the early 2000s, the share of Americans who said they didn’t associate with any established religion (also known as ” nones”) had doubled. By the 2010s, this grab bag of atheists, agnostics, and spiritual dabblers had tripled in size.

“Not religious” has become a specific American identity—one that distinguishes secular, liberal whites from the conservative, evangelical right.


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  1. flashgordon says:

    As I told this “Underlings” youtuber guy, they are not leaving the church for science and intellectual reasons — just political reasons. As soon as things shift, they’re right back at it.