Oct 15, 2020

There’s no better time to join the quantum computing revolution

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Learn how you can benefit from quantum computing and solve currently unsolvable questions. Here are some resources available to start your journey.

I t’s an exciting time to be in q uantu m information science. I nv estments are growing across the globe, like the recent ly announced U.S. Quantum Information Science Research Centers, that bring together the best of the public and private sectors to solve the scientific challenges on the path to a commercial-scale quantum computer. While there’ s increased research investment worldwide, there are not yet enough skilled developers, engineers, and researchers to take advantage of this emerging quantum revolution.

Here’s where you come in. There ’s no better time to start learning about how you can benefit from quantum computing, a nd solve currently unsolvable questions in the future. Here are some of the resour ces available to start your journey.

Learn quantum programming skills at your own pace

Many developers, researchers, and engineers are intrigued by the idea of q uantum computing, but may not have started because perhaps they don’t know how to begin, how to apply it, or how to use it in their current applications. We’ve been listening to the growing global community and worked to make the path forward easier. Take advantage of these free self-paced resources to learn the skills you need to get started with quantum.

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