Oct 19, 2020

SpaceX Starship wins $53M NASA Contract for Full Scale Orbital In Flight Refueling Test

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This is a continuation of a previous 3 million for a coupling device. In orbit refueling will allow trips to the Moon, and trips to Mars will take half the time it does now.

NASA tipping point awards.

Recently SpaceX took their relationship with NASA to the next level as they have been awarded a $53 million deal on fifth round of “Tipping Point” contract award. The main intention of these awards is to mainly focus on the development of commercial space technologies to progress with their future missions.

As part of these awards, SpaceX’s Starship launch vehicle also won an award to demonstrate full scale test of orbital propellant transfer, a key in-flight refueling technology that is at the heart of the operations. Refueling in orbit is a vital step for SpaceX to enable its Starship spacecraft to make the journey to faraway places, including the Moon and Mars. The main objective is to launch multiple Starships, some destined to top up others while in orbit.

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