Oct 11, 2020

RAADfest 66 minute version for COPL

Posted by in categories: biotech/medical, genetics, life extension

I will be 49 tomorrow. I always like to find some sort of life extension vid for my birthday. And boy did I hit it. Here comes Bill Faloon to drown you in info. Fruit flies 48% increase at 4:30, George Church at 9:00, C. Elegans 5X increase 15:30, 114 year old blood cells reprogrammed ti pluripotent at 18:40, epigenetics at 22:30, Senile plasma at 24:30, Dr Mike West 4 paragraphs to summarize at 21:00, 44:00 minutes is Vitality in Aging Interventions Trail which anyone can join. Enjoy.

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