Oct 30, 2020

Incredible Test Flight Footage Shows Flying Sports Car Taking To The Skies

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Articel from Unilad. The article contains a You Tube video as well on the car’s flight. It looks fantastic to me. To think that flight technology can be made this compact.

It’s not really like the flying car’s we see in sci-fi films, but this may be the first step. Besides, I’m not sure flying cars were practical anyway.

Maybe, this will find it’s own niche. But who knows what the future will bring.

The idea of a flying car has been heavily featured in most sci-fi fantasies, but it seems that the technology could become a reality after a successful test of a flying sports car.

In Slovakia, a winged sports car has taken to the sky and it may signal the beginning of more flying cars being developed. The AirCar is a two-seater car that weighs just 1,100kg with the ability to carry 200kg of weight.

Naturally, to take flight, the car needs to be light and it seems the design behind the car will be explored further. Interest in the vehicle has increased after its test, which enabled the vehicle to achieve an impressive flight.

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