Sep 14, 2020

Ultra-fast 3D bioprinter makes body parts in a flash

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Volumetric Bioprinting

Recreating human body parts using a 3D printer. This is possible in the Netherlands with the new bioprinter developed by Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht. This printer can be used to make models of organs or bones, amongst other things. These printed models can be made up of living cells on which medication can be tested, for instance.

Conventional 3D printers work by stacking plastic layers on top of each other. This build-up of layers creates a three-dimensional figure. There are already countless possibilities with these standard 3D printers. Science has been looking for years at how this technique can be applied across different areas.

Printing living cells

Scientists have already tried to print prostheses or entire organs before. So far, they have never really succeeded. However, there are some 3D printers that are able to cope with sensitive materials that contain living cells.

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