Sep 8, 2020

See 35 MPH and 3,000W InMotion V11 electric unicycle getting serious air!

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The InMotion V11 takes the general concept of an electric unicycle and then ratchets the insanity up to “11” with a gigantic motor and true air suspension.


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  1. Rouen Sterling says:

    First time observer. Looks fun. I suspect it’ll be like rollerblading with your feet together. Bend your knees more and see how it feels as straight up isn’t working for ya.

    When learning to rollerblade with feet together it becomes a motion much like skiboarding (havent snowboarded so can’t comment there) once yer moving. A swoosh sort of full body movement will push ya into the next movement. Trying to describe it isn’t so easy as I never see others doing it. But perhaps I’ll make ya a video on it and link above.

    Thank you for the introduction.

    (ps can’t find my blades… sorry)

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