Sep 3, 2020

Exploring the Implications of AI with Mastercard’s AI Garage

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Amanda Christensen, ideaXme guest contributor, fake news and deep fake researcher, and Marketing Manager at Cubaka, interviews Nitendra Rajput, VP and Head of Mastercard’s AI Garage.

Amanda Christensen Comments:

Artificial intelligence has become a technological buzzword, often solely referred to AI rather than depicting the possibly infinite amount of practical applications that artificial intelligence can actually provide, or the intricacies involved from industry to industry, and region to region.

To discuss some of the many applications for artificial intelligence, as well as some of the considerations to be taken into account to create more accurate and less biased machine learning systems, I had the pleasure of speaking with Nitendra Rajput, VP and Head of Mastercard’s AI Garage.

Nitendra rajput head of mastercard’s AI garage:

Nitendra Rajput is the Vice President and Head of Mastercard’s AI Garage, setting up the centre to enable it to solve problems across various business verticals globally with machine learning processes, increasing efficiencies across the business as well as mitigating instances of fraud.

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