Sep 26, 2020

Eisenberg’s berserk 500-horsepower lightweight V8 motorcycle

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There is a primordial drive in certain motorcyclists that can only be satisfied by shoehorning the largest and most excessive engines possible into the frames of two-wheelers. The mighty V8, a staple of the muscle car world, has frequently found itself driving half the wheels it was designed for, but typically there’s been one glaring problem with the resulting motorbikes: they’re colossal.

Take the Boss Hoss, probably the best known V8 bike you can slap some money down and buy. Those things use engines up to 7 and a half liters in displacement, and you’d better bring a packed lunch if you want to walk around one.

Then there’s Nick Argyle’s Rapom V8, which uses an 8.2-liter, thousand-horsepower supercharged engine out of a freakin’ monster truck. That thing’s even bigger, and gets a hilarious four miles a gallon.

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