Sep 22, 2020

Blue Origin targets this Thursday for New Shepard reusable rocket launch with NASA landing system test

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Blue Origin just announced the timing of its next rocket launch — and it’s surprisingly soon, in just two days, on Thursday, September 24. The launch of Blue Origin’s New Shepard vehicle will be its thirteenth overall for that category of launch craft, and the seventh in a row for this particular rocket. The payload will include an even dozen commercial cargo items, including a Deorbit, Descent and Landing Sensor Demonstration done in partnership with NASA — basically a highly precise automated landing system that will help NASA land on the moon and eventually Mars.

That payload is unique not just because of the technology involved in the landing system, but also because it’ll actually be mounted to the exterior of the New Shephard’s booster stage, rather than in the capsule that rides atop it. This is the first time that Blue Origin has carried a payload this way, and the company expects it could pave the way for similar future missions, enabling sensing at high altitudes, and experiments made possible through use of equipment exposed to the external environment.

NASA to test precision automated landing system designed for the moon and Mars on upcoming Blue Origin mission

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