Aug 26, 2020

Roaring tanks, fast-sailing cars, big bucks: Visitors flow to annual military expo near Moscow for brand new equipment & gear show

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The business part of the expo is interesting as well. Army-2020 includes a record number of participating defense companies, which are showcasing over 28,000 products. The Russian Defense Ministry announced it has 39 contracts worth $15.6 billion ready to be signed during the forum. Participants are hunting for other potential buyers.

Army-2020, the annual defense expo where Russian arms producers show their gear to foreign clients and visitors, has started. Contracts worth billions are expected to be inked between tank races and other entertainment.

The week-long expo was launched on Sunday with a ceremony, but only opened to the general public on Monday. The forum is happening at Patriot Park near the Russian capital. A record number of journalists – over 750 – are covering the event.

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