Aug 17, 2020

Nearing the Cybernetic Singularity: What is the Syntellect Emergence?

Posted by in categories: cosmology, neuroscience, singularity


About 542 million years ago, something weird and profoundly remarkable happened on Earth. Quite suddenly, life went insanely inventive, proliferating from simple, rudimentary single-celled organisms into myriad multi-cellular forms. Evolution discovered the idea of more sophisticated and specialized cells, and most of the basic body plans we know today. Biologists call it the Cambrian explosion.

Today, we are on the verge of yet another event of astronomical significance, akin to some kind of Intelligence Supernova, which I refer to as the Cybernetic Singularity, or the Syntellect Emergence. In the scientific community, this upcoming intelligence explosion is also known as the Technological Singularity. Surprisingly enough, most people are still simply oblivious of this rapidly approaching “galactic event” that so many of us are about to witness in our lifetimes.

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