Aug 19, 2020

Image Shows Chinese Submarine Entering Mysterious Cave Facility At South China Sea Base

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The rare satellite image shows a Chinese nuclear submarine entering into the mysterious submarine cave system at Yulin Naval Base on Hainan Island.


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  1. C L Grach says:

    China does much underground and unoberservable by satellite cloaking of its war-fighting assests, and that’s what the image shows. Subs are typically considered second strike weapons in nuclear Inter-continental warfare, but it’s highly probable the Chinese would use this sub base for refitting of nuclear missiles post second stike for using it’s Sub fleet for a third stike capability. That would mean not only are subs housed in ths Hainan below grround baee but likely a large arsenal of nuclear tipped mirved warheads emplaced on missiles. Meaning Strategically in the case of US-Sino intercontinental nuclear combat this base would need to be entirely obliterated as soon as possible after the initiation of conflict to reduce follow on strikes by Chna.

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