Aug 1, 2020

Doctors try pressurized oxygen chambers in COVID fight

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I posted about this a while back, as a treatment. I’m glad people are catching up.

Some doctors are now trying to deliver 100% oxygen to COVID patients in decompression chambers long used to treat divers with the bends.

As a New York University medical researcher who works once a week in an emergency room, Dr. David Lee had the luxury of time to think like a scientist while also treating coronavirus patients whose lungs kept giving out. In every case, he saw the same thing: Their blood was starved of oxygen.

One day an idea hit him: Could hyperbaric oxygen therapy, best known for treating divers with the bends, help stave off the need for ventilators and perhaps reduce deaths?

Physiologically it made sense to him, but he soon learned it was also complicated. The therapy, which involves delivering 100% oxygen straight to patients inside a pressurized chamber, is often met with skepticism by the wider medical community because fringe supporters have long touted it as a virtual cure-all without scientific evidence.

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