Jul 30, 2020

New imaging system creates pictures

Posted by in categories: health, robotics/AI, transportation

A radical new method of imaging that harnesses artificial intelligence to turn time into visions of 3D space could help cars, mobile devices and health monitors develop 360-degree awareness.

Photos and videos are usually produced by capturing photons—the building blocks of light—with digital sensors. For instance, digital cameras consist of millions of pixels that form images by detecting the intensity and color of the light at every point of space. 3D images can then be generated either by positioning two or more cameras around the subject to photograph it from multiple angles, or by using streams of photons to scan the and reconstruct it in three dimensions. Either way, an image is only built by gathering spatial information of the scene.

In a new paper published today in the journal Optica, researchers based in the U.K., Italy and the Netherlands describe an entirely new way to make animated 3D images: by capturing temporal information about photons instead of their spatial coordinates.

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