Jul 25, 2020

MapperIdea: A new way to think about Software Development — Part 1 — First things first

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In this post, we will cover the initial experience of using mapperidea.

Mapperidea CLI requires Node installed into your machine, as well as the nvm utility, so check the requisites first:

The original creator and inventor of that development concept and methodology: Clovis Wichoski, currently Skalena’s CTO. That solution has more than 15 years. In 2014, Clovis met Edgar Silva, back on that time working for WSO2 as the Latin American Head, and working together for a customer with a low budget and very short time to get the project done, they had decided to use bacalhau(codfish) the first way that Edgar had named that project on that time. In 2018, Edgar invited Clovis to be part of a new project in 2019 (Skalena), where one of the goals was to make mapperidea a real product, and not only in Brazil, but helping the whole world in how to develop software better, faster and to be a key enabler for a pragmatic and definitive Digital Transformation.

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